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The best storytellers do so many things well: entertain readers, transport them to different worlds, and make them think differently about their lives. They deserve to be supported properly in a competitive industry so their voices can be heard and enjoyed.

We are keen to work with authors and transform their backlist of books into bestsellers, developing and improving each novel as well the arc of any series of which they might be a part.

At this time we are particularly keen to hear from authors with series / multiple series of books.

To submit your work to us then please get in touch, following the guidelines below, by sending us an email at:

Submission Guidelines

Please attach to your email a full manuscript (preferably in Word format) that you think best represents your strengths as a writer.

In addition please include in the body of the email:

  • Your name and how best to contact you.

  • A short pitch for your book and series (if applicable) in one to two paragraphs, telling us what genre you are writing in and any comparable authors.

  • A paragraph about yourself and your writing career to date, including the number of books you have written (whether published or not).

  • One to two sentences describing what you are looking for from a publishing partner.

  • How you heard about us.

We read all submissions and aim to respond to you within two weeks of receiving your material.

Thank you, we look forward to hearing from you.